Sunday, October 2, 2011

Current Addiction: Coconut Marshmallows

On a whim, I purchased (well over a year ago) a sampler of homemade marshmallows from an etsy seller. They were fantastic, particularly the toasted coconut marshmallows, which created an obsession.

Coconut marshmallows are hard to find locally. I was excited when Cub foods started stocking some from some kosher Israel company. And then one day, they disappeared.

I'd buy them online but shipping is pricey (nothing less than $8 to ship some marshmallows). Apparently, Jet Puffed makes toasted coconut marshmallows. I went to Walmart (the site told me it was in stock at a store nearby me but it lied) and none were to be had. If I want to buy some Jet Puffed toast coconut marshmallows, I have to buy 6 bags all at once! That's a lot of money (not to mention calories) for some marshmallows.

The only thing that comes close locally is that a new candy store (Alix in Candyland) stocks some awesome vanilla bean and smores flavors by Plush Puffs. But no toasted coconut.

So I may have to resort to toasting coconut myself in the oven and rolling in store bought marshmallows.

It's almost sad how much I can write about marshmallows!


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