Sunday, January 30, 2011


I know it's been awhile since you're all heard from me but I am 1/3 done from writing a story! At this point, I will tell you that it takes place in a dystopian future with a little romance thrown in. It's told from the perspective of a 13 year old girl. It will be a full length young adult novel, as opposed to the novella/short story format I used for Thinks and Things.

If anyone is interested in reviewing, let me know, for I am compiling a list of bloggers I'm going to contact in a month or two. I won't have any hard copies this time around though.

Speaking of Thinks and Things, I got a nice review for Thinks and Things from Darlyn and Books.

Thinks and Things can be downloaded or read free online from Smashwords (all sorts of formats) and also free for the nook via BarnesandNoble. I also recently (just yesterday, in fact) listed it on Amazon. Amazon does require me to charge something for it and the lowest I can go is 99 cents.

Good news to share! A few months back I did a random yahoo search on Thinksandthings and I saw that I made it into the top 200 best selling kids ebooks on B&N! I was #164 and today I am #209. And there's over 6,000 titles on that list alone so colored me surprised. I may have actually gotten further up the list but I have no way of knowing how high it might have gone. Also, unfornatunately, I have no idea of knowing how many people have read it through B&N since it's listed as a freebie.