Thursday, January 15, 2009

Future Etsy Purchases (AKA Shop Review)

picture from MoonsHarvest

Here are some awesome etsy stores where I will be making some future purchases:

Moon's Harvest (bath and beauty) is a mother/daughter operation located in Texas.

They have bubble bars, scrubs, bath bombs, "cupcakes" (
Bubble Bar/Bubble Bath combo), and "Moonpies" (bubble bar). Their products are just so bright, imaginative, and look like deserts!
Their non-etsy website (here) is filled with even more bright and bubbly bath products: "marshmallows", butters, 10 oz bath bombs, and bling bath desserts (a milk bath, bath melt, and a bubble bar, all rolled into one bar).

The only thing that's stopping me from making a purchase right now from Moon's Harvest is that I'm expecting $100+ worth of bath and beauty products from Lush and Cocoapink this week.

What's your favorite handmade bath and beauty store?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Etsy Purchases Part 1

I love ALL my etsy purchases. Here are some that are my most favorite-est:

picture from MartinsvilleEmporium

-Cinnamon apple peach soap by MartinsvilleEmporium. I discovered this shop when I received a Sample ( and in it was a soap sample! I love handmade soap! I eventually went to their etsy shop, and ordered a holiday handmade soap sample pack. They included a small soap extra, cinnamon apple peach scented. I love this scent! I went and ordered a full bar. I see they don't currently offer this scent at the present moment :( but there's a good assortment of goodies available to purchase.

Picture from fizzypOpshoppe

-Pink TrenchCoat by fizzypOpshoppe. This was my most expensive Etsy purchase to date ($100) but soooooo worth it. I love this jacket, I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. AND it's one of a kind :) I randomly found this jacket on etsy and I couldn't stop thinking about all night when I went to bed. In fact, I believe I woke up extra early to buy it because I was sooo afraid someone else would take it away from me. This listing (click to see more pictures on this closed transaction) has a huge number of views and a whole ton of hearts (Something like 27, maybe?).

It's a fab jacket but right now it's too cold to wear in ChillyMinnesota. I can't wait for my state to defrost so I can start wearing it again! :)


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I have a secret! AKA Ode to Misspelled Listings

Sometimes you find GREAT things if you purposely misspell keywords into the search bars of etsy or ebay or craigslist or where ever everyday people sell things.

For sellers: misspellings mean that buyers (most likely) won't find you but:
For buyers: you can great deals that no one else knows about!

Trying typing in what you're searching for wrong and see if anything pops up.

Also, sometimes sellers don't know everything they're selling (if it's vintage and/or used) and they may use a more descriptive title than use the actual name of the product (because they don't know it!)

I once found on eBay, a nice lot of about 20 or so vintage 80s charms for about $5 (which included shipping!) If you're even half a fanatic about those cute, cute charms, then you know what a rare find this is. The only reason why no one else outbidded me on this deal is because the seller labeled the listing as "Toy necklace" or something similar to that instead of "vintage 80s charms.