Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Etsy Purchases Part 1

I love ALL my etsy purchases. Here are some that are my most favorite-est:

picture from MartinsvilleEmporium

-Cinnamon apple peach soap by MartinsvilleEmporium. I discovered this shop when I received a Sample ( and in it was a soap sample! I love handmade soap! I eventually went to their etsy shop, and ordered a holiday handmade soap sample pack. They included a small soap extra, cinnamon apple peach scented. I love this scent! I went and ordered a full bar. I see they don't currently offer this scent at the present moment :( but there's a good assortment of goodies available to purchase.

Picture from fizzypOpshoppe

-Pink TrenchCoat by fizzypOpshoppe. This was my most expensive Etsy purchase to date ($100) but soooooo worth it. I love this jacket, I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. AND it's one of a kind :) I randomly found this jacket on etsy and I couldn't stop thinking about all night when I went to bed. In fact, I believe I woke up extra early to buy it because I was sooo afraid someone else would take it away from me. This listing (click to see more pictures on this closed transaction) has a huge number of views and a whole ton of hearts (Something like 27, maybe?).

It's a fab jacket but right now it's too cold to wear in ChillyMinnesota. I can't wait for my state to defrost so I can start wearing it again! :)


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