Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wazoo and Sprinkle Cookie Cereal

A few days ago I stumbled across an entry in a well known candy blog (can't find the link currently) about a baby blue colored candy bar! They're called Wazoos.

Online chatter said that the company that makes Wazoos, Topps, is bankrupt and that Wazoos are about to be discontinued. Also, that Wazoos are limited and can only be purchased online in cases of 24. I can't not find any reliable sources of info that says that. Anywhere.
Topps is still in business, and you can find Wazoos at their web site or in stores such as Toys R' Us.

They are two flavors-Wild Berries (or berriez?) and Blue Razz. I searched the candy asile at Toys R' Us today and found them! There was only two left of the Wild Berries flavor (the pastel purple colored bar).

They have a sort of white chocolate-y covering and fruit chewy filling. Yum yum yum! They also have "crunchies" (aka sprinkles) on top. I'd buy again for sure. Hopefully next time that I venture out to Toys R' Us, they'll have the pretty blue ones on the shelves.

Today, I went grocery shopping and was introduced to a new cereal by General Mills called Sprinkles Cookie Crisp. You're probaby already aware that General Mills produces a fabulous cereal by the name of Cookie Crisp.

This new cereal has vanilla "cookies" instead of chocolate. Plus sprinkles. I got a box of 12.2 oz for just $1.55! Hurry up to your grocery store before they raise the price to regular retail or if GM decides to abandom this new cereal.

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