Saturday, May 9, 2009

Recent Netflix

Please Vote For Me
A documentary about three third graders in China elected to be candidates for room monitor. The students are introduced to the idea of democracy and each student will cast a vote for their choice of classroom monitor. The candidates deliver speeches, debate, and perform in a talent show.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
I wasn't into this show when I was young but I absolutely love it now! The show lasted for about seven seasons on A&E, filmed in the '90s. It's about a female doctor working in a small-ish town in the early 1900s. Well written with a lot of historical facts nicely tied into the plotline.

A sci-fi show about a group of people who "slide" into parallel worlds. I'm watching the 4th season (the only season that I don't own at home). I love all the different worlds they slide into and visit. The special effects can be a bit embarrassing to watch though. Fun show overall!

The Time Machine
Early sci-fi movie. A professor (I think?) visits the world from the future. He steps into what seems to be paradise. Plenty of food, people have lots of time to be relaxing by the water. Then, a girl in the water, drowning and screaming. No one does anything. The professor saves her and tries to figure out why nobody cared or attempted to help her.

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