Thursday, February 5, 2009

Children's Picture Books Review

Now since I'm an elementary education major (emphasis in Communication Arts/Reading/writing/yadayda) as well as an avid reader, I will occasionally review books (children, teen, fiction, etc.) from time to time.

Today, I went to my local library, picked up two books I had on hold (I will most likely talk about those in a later entry, after I have read them of course) and then I went the kids picture book section and just grabbed a bunch of random picture books.

I grabbed about 7 or 8 hardback picture books but I only truly enjoyed four of them. The others that didn't make the cut were either boring, a little bit too weird, or had a not so very interesting or satisfying ending. I won't be reviewing the ones I didn't like :P

Blue Burt and Wiggles by Derek Anderson.

I grabbed this book because the cover looked kind of like it could be a dvd cover for a Pixar movie. On an interesting side note, the author/illustrator is from Minnesota (my state!)

The art and perspective is awesome in this book, I just love the artwork. I sometimes believe that the artwork can really make or break a picture book. A lot of the stories in kids' books are sometimes quite simplistic (obviously) about ordinary stuff, told in the same way as it's been told dozens upon dozens of times before.

While this story is about a friend moving away, it's told in a very creative, fun, new way.

This is a story about a bird (Burt) and his friend, Wiggles (worm). Winter is coming soon and Burt needs to fly away. They both scheme up a plan to make summer stay so therefore, Burt can stay and hang out with Wiggles. The way they scheme and plot and how the other animals in the forest unintentionally wreck havoc onto their plans is hilarious.

This is a very contemporary book and even the story would make a good Pixar short.

More picture book reviews later!

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